The Beautyholic Geek is all about “in-depth” (a grown-up word for geeky) analyses of everything related to skin care and makeup products, mostly available in the Philippines particularly in Metro Manila. You won’t see a lot of beauty shots and glamorous brands here. But TBG will do the hard work for anyone who wants detailed reviews, the low-down on cosmetic ingredients, and the latest news in beauty.


Claire, AKA the beautyholic geek

The person behind this is Claire, a self-proclaimed geek who eventually turned out to be beautyholic as well.

Claire: Hi! Whew, that feels good, to stop talking about myself in the third person.

I love reading, and learning, and knowing weird stuff that nobody else seems to care about. Yes, I AM A GEEK. And as it turned out, I am also addicted to beauty products, may it be skin care or makeup. Even health and wellness trends, I love learning about.

So when I turned beautyholic, I was kind of frustrated with the lack of INFORMATION that I needed. Sure, marketing teams provide info about their products, but we all know most of it is büll–let’s just say “not totally honest.” I turned to blogs and websites, which turned out a lot of information–for products that are out of my reach. I wanted unbiased reviews and discussions on products available at local drugstores, supermarkets and department stores in Metro Manila. I also hated it when I get confusing information on cosmetic ingredients. What is up with all the lies?

Because of my frustration, I came up with this dream website where everything I wanted (beauty geekery) can be found. After a while I realized that hey, I can totally do this! So here it is. I hope you do enjoy hanging about here as much as I do.

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