Ridiculously Cheap Mini Beauty Haul at Landmark Makati

I’m a big fan of getting more bang for every buck I spend on beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in investing in skin care and makeup. I’m willing to fork over my hard-earned money for pricier products–as long as I’m satisfied with their performance and they last me reasonably longer than the cheaper ones. Still, if I can get similar quality at much lower prices, I’d be super happy of course!

One thing I’m not willing to sacrifice for it is the hassle, though. If I really wanted to save money, I should go to bargain centers like Divisoria to get my beauty fix. The hassle of the lengthy commute turns me away. I might save a lot of money, but end up wasting a lot of time, and get super tired to boot. I admire local vlogger Kristine’s guts when I saw her FAKE Divisoria Makeup Review. I wouldn’t dare do that–imagine the damage I could potentially cause my skin! She really went above and beyond the call of duty, all for the sake of research.

Awesome, affordable finds at Landmark

My affordable finds at Landmark

I go to The Landmark Makati’s beauty section (ground floor) instead of Divi. They have good quality brushes and other tools (of questionable origin, but that’s fine–it’s easy to disinfect tools). I’m aware that these might be available at Divi or Quiapo for lower prices, but again, I’m willing to shell out a little more to save me the hassle. Would you believe that I only spent PHP 368.50 total for all the items in the photo above? Let me break it down for you:

Kinepin Hair Velcro - 19.75 (2 pads per pack)

Kinepin Hair Velcro – 19.75 (2 pads per pack)

  1. Kinepin Hair Velcro – PHP 19.75

I’ve always wanted to try hair velcros. I have really thick, wavy hair that seems to have a mind all its own. For 19.75 pesos, I get two good-sized pads. FYI, they actually work! I use these every day now. They do a good job keeping my stray baby hairs away from my forehead while I do my makeup.

2. Kinepin Tweezers – PHP 49.75

Yes, I know, there are much cheaper tweezers available even at convenience stores around the Metro. At almost 50 pesos, these are pricier than your average tweezers, but still much, much cheaper than Tweezerman ones! I like the matte black color (looks expensive!) and the uncommon angle the head is bent. It’s easier to use than my usual.

Shower Ball - PHP 39.75

Shower Ball – PHP 39.75

3. Shower Ball – PHP 39.75

I was on the lookout for a shower ball and this one caught my eye. I mean, how could it not? It’s so cute and colorful, and pink! I also love the little foam bits inside–they soak up my shower gel/liquid soap so when I lather up it works up quite a foam.

4. A Bonne Spa Yogurt Salt – PHP 69.75

Yup, that 350 gram pack of bath salts is only 70 pesos! It promises to whiten and firm up dark spots on the body. I’m happy whether or not it makes good on those claims–I’m satisfied with the exfoliation I get from it. And for the price, it’s really difficult to find fault with it. Liz of Project Vanity swears by their Spa Milk Salt. Will have to try that one next!

Kinepin Facial Cleansing Pad - PHP 59.75

Left – Daiso Cleansing Pad (Purple); Right – Kinepin Cleansing Pad (Aqua)

5. Kinepin Facial Cleansing Pad – PHP 59.75

This is exactly the same as the one I got from Daiso for P88.00 (see photo). The exact same thing, just in a different color. I’ve been using my Daiso cleansing pad whenever I use my facial wash. I also use it with my Banila Co. Clean It Zero makeup remover whenever I want a deeper clean. It has these teeny tiny bristles that work much better than my fingers for cleaning my pores. I already thought it was a bargain, so imagine my surprise when I found its twin labelled with an even lower price tag! Now I’m glad it went out of stock at the Daiso branches I visit.

Jinpres Fan Brush - PHP 129.75

Jinpres Fan Brush – PHP 129.75

6. Jinpres Fan Brush – PHP 129.75

The cherry on top of this cheap beauty haul: this fluffy fan brush! I mean, just look at it. The matte on matte black brush, the gold clasp, the soft fluffy brush head–it could easily pass for a luxe brush! I have no idea how and where this was made, but it is truly lovely. Let’s just say I washed this very thoroughly before using it on my face. I use this to apply blush and contour powders. Also to dust off excess powder when I set my makeup.

And that’s it! Hope you liked my picks. What are your favorite cheap beauty finds and where did you get them?

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