Dewytree Premium Syn-ake Black Mask Review

Dewytree is a relatively new brand here in the Philippines. Right now, it’s available online through They have an ongoing promo (until supplies last) for every purchase of any Dewytree product:

Screen-grabbed from

Screen-grabbed from

So since a.) I love sampler sets–they’re perfect for travel, b.) I wanted to try a product with syn-ake in it and c.) the mask was only P139; I went ahead and added the Dewytree Premium Syn-ake Black Mask (P139 at to my cart. I got a lovely surprise the next morning when I got my order–just around 12 hours after I completed my purchase! Good job, BeautyMNL!

BeautyMNL Dewytree

Dewytree products purchased from

I decided to use the mask that very day, and got my spa mode on. Here are my thoughts on it:

 Safety: Syn-ake is synthetic snake venom. Yup, that’s right, snake venom, as in the poison a snake releases on its prey when it bites. Actual snake venom paralyzes prey and prepares it for the snake’s digestion. But since syn-ake is synthetic (not actual snake venom) and is used only topically, the supposed effect is similar to botox, immobilizing facial muscles for a more youthful appearance.

Since our skin will absorb this substance and eventually make its way into our body, it might affect muscles other than those on the face. Given, the mask isn’t soaked in pure syn-ake, it still is present. And there aren’t enough studies made on this yet. I wouldn’t recommend this mask for pregnant women and anyone who has problems with muscle control. Just to be on the safe side. An ingredient was also marked as a preservative by knocks off some points for safety. It also has fragrance; nothing too heavy, but might affect somebody ultra sensitive to it. The ingredient list for this product can be found at For safety, this product gets half a star.

star-rating-full Sturdiness: The mask comes in usual packaging for sheet masks, a foil pack. The product won’t leak out accidentally.

star-rating-full Value for Money: This sheet mask is pricier than my usual (Etude House’s 58-peso I Need You masks). Still, syn-ake products tend to be pricey, and P139 still is a lot less than your usual spa treatment.

dewytree synake mask on

Got my mask on 😉

I also must say, this is unlike any other mask I’ve tried so far. First of all, it has extra eye flaps (see photo above) so my eyelids get treated too, unlike other masks that have gaping holes for eyes. Also, the mask is black–I didn’t make much of it at first, but it did help me relax. We still can detect light even with our eyes closed, and the blackness of the mask mimicked complete darkness even when I used it under LED lighting. This combination forced me to lay down and relax, as I can’t do much with my eyes covered. Overall it felt like I had a spa treatment at home. I’d say this product is worth the price.

star-rating-full True to Claims: Since the product info on the packet is all in Korean, I’ll use BeautyMNL’s product description:

CLAIM TO FAME: An anti-aging smoothing mask that tightens and firms skin

FAST FACTS: Nourishes, moisturizes, and revitalizes the complexion; helps boost cellular turnover; minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; infused with anti-aging Syn-Ake (a peptide found in the venom of snake), caviar, centella asiatica extract, and adenosine; leaves skin firmer with continued use

PERFECT FOR: Tired and stressed skin

 I was surprised to see visible improvements after one use. Below is a before and after collage I made just for you. 😉
Before and After Dewytree Premium Syn-ake Black Mask

Before and After Dewytree Premium Syn-ake Black Mask

On the left is my bare face after using facial wash and toner. I have combination skin with oily t-zone, dry cheeks and dry lips. Photo on the right was taken after 20 minutes’ use of the mask. My skin looks healthier and more hydrated. Around the eye area there is also vast improvement-eyelids were lifted, and eye bags are less puffy, giving me a lifted, more awake look. Lines around my nose and mouth are also less apparent. Overall, I think I do look more awake and well-rested, knocking off some years from my face. So yes, it works! I’m just not so sure about long-term benefits, since the effects of syn-ake are temporary. The other ingredients are great for the skin though.

 Availability: Right now, this brand is only available online at BeautyMNL, but in other countries the brand is available in duty free stores and Watsons branches. I have a feeling that if they do well online, they’ll expand into physical stores.

 Ethically Made: The brand prides itself on using natural ingredients, but I can’t find information on their ethical stand on animal testing. Their local website doesn’t have much in the way of content yet. I also checked out their international site but I couldn’t find more info on this. I give that half a star since they could improve their presence online.

star-rating-full TBG-Approved: I personally liked this mask and would recommend it to anyone interested in trying out syn-ake and the *ahem* not-so-young out there who would like a temporary lift to their facial situation. TBG tip: Use the mask and then save the leftover essence in the fridge for big days or special occasions.

FINAL TALLY: star-rating-fullstar-rating-fullstar-rating-fullstar-rating-fullstar-rating-full 5.5 out of 7 stars

So there you have it, folks! I’m pretty satisfied with this mask and I’m excited to try other products from Dewytree Philippines. How about you, have you tried products from this Korean brand?

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