TBG Review Criteria

Here at The Beautyholic Geek, our reviews follow a kind of grading system. We’re doing this so reviews can be as objective as possible, based on the following:

For Products (skin care, makeup, tools):

star-rating-full Safety: Is the product safe to use for everyone, including kids, pregnant women and sensitive skin types?

star-rating-full Sturdiness: Is the packaging sturdy enough to travel without breaking?

star-rating-full Value for Money: Is the amount of the product worth the price? Is it unique? In short, is it worth my money?

star-rating-full True to Claims: Does it do everything it claims to do? Does it work?

star-rating-full Availability: Is it available within the Philippines, just in Metro Manila, or just online?

star-rating-full Ethically Made: Was it tested on animals? Are the ingredients natural and/or organic? Was it made locally? Does the product/brand support charities?

star-rating-full TBG-Approved: Would I use this or recommend it to my lovely readers?

For Websites/Online Sellers:

star-rating-full Selection: Do they have a wide selection of products? Do they supply items not readily found in local supermarkets or department stores?

star-rating-full Product Information: Are all information on products complete (brand-new, unboxed, used, product details with swatches)?

star-rating-full Support: Do they provide chat support, contact e-mail addresses and phone numbers? How quickly do they reply to customer concerns?

star-rating-full Prices: Are their prices lower, the same, or higher than standard retail pricing (SRP)?

star-rating-full Payment Options: Do they have a variety of trusted payment options that are convenient for their buyers?

star-rating-full Delivery: Do they use reliable couriers? Do they provide free shipping?

star-rating-full TBG-Approved: Would I use this or recommend it to my lovely readers?

If you want to request a review on a particular item, talk to me at thebeautyholicgeek [at] gmail.com or leave a comment below. Hope you enjoy hanging out here!


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