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Under REVIEWS, you can find a unique way of assessing various products available in Metro Manila. I came up with this grading system that’s not dependent on my own personal opinion on the product, but an objective assessment of a product’s merits.

Browse through CHEM CLASS to learn more about common ingredients used in cosmetics and skin care. Please be warned that I am not a chemist, but I do have research skillz. I will include all of the sources I use in the footnotes so you can go check them out yourself.

Sit through our CHARM CLASS for skin care and makeup tips. I might not be a professional make-up artist, but I do have some tricks up my sleeve. 😉

TBG JOURNAL is all about what I have learned through the years, some news I heard that may interest you, or just random musings I’d like to share with you, dear readers.

Let’s talk! Shoot me a message at claire [at] thebeautyholicgeek.com for any questions, feedback, or whatever. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂 You can also find me on:

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